Spaghetti Yeti Cushion by Kirby Design


Spaghetti Yeti Cushion by Kirby Design available in 11 colours



Spaghetti Yeti Cushion by Kirby Design

From afar this looks like a weave of spaghetti but if you take a closer look you might find, lurking within, a yeti! The drawings are very much what I do endlessly in my sketchbooks all day long.” – Jon Burgerman Launching in the UK September 2015 and available worldwide from January 201

Dimensions: 50cm x 30cm / 19.75″ x 11.75″

Pad Feather pad

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Spearmint KDC5144/09, Candy KDC5144/01, Noir KDC5144/02, Liquorice KDC5144/03, Marmalade KDC5144/05, Milkshake KDC5144/06, Ketchup KDC5144/08, Laptop KDC5144/10, Pool KDC5144/11, Bumblebee KDC5144/12, Vanilla KDC5144/13


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