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The Golden Sofa Rules – What You Need To Know

Your home should say exactly what you want it say about you, it speaks volumes and one of the key elements to consider is your furniture. A new sofa or chair is a big investment and it needs to stand the test of time and work with the rest of the room and one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is quality.There are a few golden rules to consider when thinking about purchasing a new sofa or chair:

Always, always measure the intended space before purchasing and ensure it fits comfortably, you might like the look of the sofa but if it’s too big it will over power the room and look ill fitted. The same applies if it’s too small your sofa will look lost and the room will look unfinished. You should have at least enough space to add points of interest such as table lamps on either side, this not only looks pleasant it’s also practical for drinks or ornaments.

Consider the height, if your room has low ceilings a sofa with lower arms and back works much better, raised arms will make the room height feel even smaller when you need to create the feeling of space and height. Low slung sofas and chairs will look lost in a room with high ceiling opt for a higher back and arms to maximise your space to it’s full potential.

Mix and match! Gone are the days of matching chairs and sofas it and hello contrasting fabrics! Using fabrics that work in harmony together the options are endless but stick to the same colour palette.

It’s all about the detail! There are so many options to make your sofa completely bespoke to you, the little finishing touches like a nice contrast piping round the sofa or colour contrasting back buttons. These are the things that make your sofa/chairs really stand out and far from just run of the mill.

When selecting your fabric it has to work with the rest of the room, keeping in theme whether the surroundings are traditional, modern, or contemporary your fabric has to reflect it. Your sofa is a big purchase so choosing the right fabric essential!

Make it practical! We have a huge library of fabrics so with so many to choose from consider how it’s going to be used. If it’s going to have heavy usage or you have little ones/pets it has to be durable. We supply fabrics suitable for upholstery with an 80,000 rub test making them child proof/pet proof and come with a stain repellent finish so you can enjoy your furniture without being too precious.


Think about what you want your focal point to be and position your furniture around it, whether it’s a television or a fireplace the seating arrangement should be positioned comfortably around it.

A sofa and chairs is becoming a popular alternative to two sofa as it breaks up the room giving the impression of space, if you are having two chairs using a beautiful fabric that compliments the sofa fabric looks fabulous.

Don’t skimp on quality! If a price looks too good it probably is, without mentioning the phrase ‘you buy cheap you buy twice’ you simply can’t fake good quality. Our sofa and chair manufacturers are so confident of their furniture and the strength of their frames they offer a lifetime guarantee for frames and springs. So unless you want to be replacing your furniture in a few years choose quality over cost you’ll save in the future.

Your living room or snug isn’t the only place a sofa or chair can be placed. A space such a large landing with a small sofa or a couple of chairs and if permitting a little table is a great way of utilising the wasted space and creating an area that’s usable. It’s functional and makes a lovely quiet place to slip off to if the living room is over crowded.

There is a lot to consider when investing in a new sofa and/or chairs but if you’re undecided and need some design inspiration pop into our showroom based in Uffington just outside of Stamford and we can advise you on what style, colour and fabric would best suit your room.