Why Your Hallway Should Make The Best First Impression

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and the same rule applies – your hallway is more often than not the first room a visitor lays eyes on and yet why is it so frequently neglected? Hallways are the most important transitional spaces within our homes and therefore it has to work perfectly with the rooms that lead off it. Sadly this often results in us being overly cautious with colour and using neutral pale shades which can flatten the atmosphere creating a space that is simply a functional corridor that won’t make a lasting impression.

Your hallway has to suit the functional purposes of your lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you have to play it safe. There are plenty of solutions for your storage and other items in the hallway without it looking like dumping ground. A beautiful console table in a hallway with points of interest such as a statement mirror or a picture can brighten up the entrance hall and it’s really easy to achieve.


Hallways are typically smaller spaces, so you can afford to add more colour as it’s merely passing through to your main living spaces, don’t be afraid to add colour which  warm welcome to your guests making them feel they’re visiting a home from home.

If you want to create a more dramatic environment, select colours that conjure up strong immediate emotional responses – deep and rich shades like aubergines and plums will really make a lasting impression. If you’re not confident enough for an intense colour all over then a strong block of colour on doors will add personality without overwhelming the space.

Hallways, by nature, are typically dark, brown, green, grey, telephone box red, and any of the primary colours in full hue, are all ones I would avoid. These are dark and very strong colours and will make the hall feel smaller when you want to create a sense of light and space.

Hallways normally lack natural light and therefore light reflective colours work a treat to make the space feel bigger and more welcoming. White or light greys are great options, or light patterned wallpaper.

Often hallway space is limited, leaving little room for accessories or other decorative items. Adding wallpaper is an ideal way to add a design feature and personality to the area without taking up valuable space or over cluttering. Stripes are a classic choice for homes and can be used to create the illusion of space in a hallway. Horizontal stripes will lead the eye upwards and vertical stripes will elongate the area.


If you are worried about over dominating your hallway add wallpaper to an alcove or underneath the stairs to draw attention to the space but won’t make it feel over crowded but will add points of interest.


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