Biggest Interior Trends for A/W 2017

Want to know what’s set to trend the wonderful world of interiors this Autumn/Winter 2017? Here at Hunters we’re luckily enough to get a sneak peak at the latest collection for an amazing insight into what’s set to be HUGE and how to nail the latest trends.

Real metals but also metallic finishes are proving very popular this year we’ve seen a big increase of metallic wall coverings, tiles, accessories and furniture to the market and it’s set to stay a keen contender for A/W 2017. However, not all metals are trendy at present for example copper is a metal finish that really had its moment in last years but now has passed. Metals with warm tones and an aged look like brass is back and trendy at present because it has a warm hue, with a vintage retro look. Brass looks perfect matched with the dark hues which are popular today in furniture and in decor.  It seems that this year brass will be also the trendiest material for bathrooms whilst also on the rise are metals painted black which become a strong graphic sign.


Teal is tipped to have a huge influence on the design world as we’ve seen it’s popularity increase ten fold throughout the the year and with showing no sign of stopping it’s a firm favourite. With so many variation of depth to the colour it’s easy to see why the teal trend is booming, and why stop at fabrics and wallpapers? Try implementing teal in your bathroom or kitchen for interiors with a bold and yet classically timeless twist.


The right amount of colour has the power to set the whole tune of a space, adding gold and brass-coloured accessories to a bathroom will heighten the dimension, depth, and luxury. Unlike the traditional shiny ceramic, gold or brass look finished with matte, satin of spun gold will give the space a classic yet exotic outlook. If you want to achieve a tropical and exotic vibe to your bathroom add elements of natural greens and plants or for a bohemian vibe use rattan planters and baskets.



Iconic chairs are huge at the moment and widely becoming more common than the traditional three seat and two seat sofa combination. Using chairs alongside a sofa creates more of a feeling of space and interest and with so many designs to choose from it’s not hard to see why. Statement chairs are a firm favourite at Hunters and the fabric houses have not disappointed this year spoiling us to collections full of colour, pattern and textures which work incredibly on an upholstered chair – now take a seat and enjoy!




Nothing seems more far from Scandinavian minimalism than Bohemian eclectic design, right? Well you’re wrong they two actually mix harmoniously together forming a new trend Scandi Boho. These two styles actually have much more in common than what it seems lots of natural green, wooden furniture, eclectic rugs creating a combination of both Scandinavian cleanness and brightness plus the creative and artful touch of the Bohemian interiors.


Dark woods, vinyls and brushed finishes, these are the key trends to be aware of this year if you’re looking for a new floor. Choosing a floor can be quite overwhelming with so much to consider but it’s worth taking note of what’s set to be huge this year before making a decision. Dark floors are really making a splash with dark browns and grey being at the forefront. Dark wood helps to create a classic and glamorous look that can then be paired with nearly any colour for a harmonious blend or a deep walnut parquet floor for a more vintage feel, it’s quite an adventurous statement but one that’s sure to pay off.



It looks like this year is going to shape up to be a good one with lots of exciting trends to look forward to. If you need any further advice or tips please feel free to contact us at or via telephone on 01780 757946