Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Consider Scale

When decorating small spaces, scale is important forgo the need to fill the space with everything you think need and focus on comfort and usage. Consider every aspect, of course the atheistic aspect is important but so is practicality and functionality. A real dining table you can spread out on, a sofa rather than a love seat, comfortable accent seating, and plenty of lighting options.

Mix Materials

One of the most important aspects of any design project is the interaction between the various elements in the project, create interest with textile choices, more than just by mixing patterns. Use exciting mixes of textiles by layering leather with silk, or wool with linen, you can keep your rooms exciting and engaging.



Use Colour

Coloured ceiling fixtures add an unexpected pop to any room. Sometimes it’s the piece that can tie the whole room together, and other times it can mirror a colour on the floor, but it’s always a hit.


Don’t Overlook Your Trim

When painting, don’t forget the trim! If you are wallpapering, match the ground in the paper for a more unified look, or pop an accent colour for something bolder.  Attention to the trim immediately elevates the entire look of a space.


Change Your Floor Plan

Don’t be afraid to rearrange your furniture, moving items in a room gives it a whole new feeling. Go all out and move your wall art and accessories you’ll feel like you moved into a completely new home.