WARNING!!!! Contains images you won’t be able to resist

Our excitement levels are through the roof as we get our hands on Zoffany’s latest collections – The Jaipur is slightly quirky and different to Zoffany’s usual style but we love the boldness and uniqueness of this collection. We love pushing the boundaries and are not afraid to try something new and go outside our comfort zones. It won’t work for everyone but in the right setting this collection will be a total show stopper!!! Continue reading “WARNING!!!! Contains images you won’t be able to resist”

Making The Most of Small Spaces

Making The Most Of Small Spaces
We all want to maximise the space we have in our homes in order to utilise it to its full potential. However, this can be difficult, especially as the majority of us already struggle to cram our large lives into our less than large homes.
Around 95% of Brits admit to some form of hoarding – we are a nation known for clinging on to items that hold memories and comfort, but lack use and practicality. Nobody wants to throw away memories but, in a family home, you can’t afford to have clutter for your safety and sanity – that’s why you need to be clever with your storage, in order to save keepsakes and space equally.

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