You’ve got to be joking ! a trendy garden gnome! is there such a fellow? Well… Yes. troubled by the startling and loud colours of a gnome found lurking in Hunters store cupboard – a plan of action was drawn up: to create a tastefully subtle and friendly looking Gnome all dressed in the latest colours – Fired Earth, Zoffany and Little Green paint companies were all happy to take part and their paints were selected for fashioning a Stunning looking Chap to represent the less than ‘kitch’ face of Hunters. Monty (his given name for obvious reasons to the female gardeners world viewers!) will appear quietly at Hunters Showroom on a regular basis. Our Key point being – EVEN THE MOST GHASTLY CAN BE TURNED AROUND WITH GREAT COLOUR!


Pierre Frey fabrics – new collection additions – as seen today – really made our day in the Showroom being shown such beautiful fabrics and wallpapers. You don’t need to trail to London to get what’s hot off the press.