William Yeoward puts the FAB into F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S with his stunning new collections

The excitement levels reached maximum levels at The Hunters showroom last week as the remarkable new collections from William Yeoward for Designers Guild arrived.

The hotly anticipated new collections from the very talented and well renowned William Yeoward who is branded one of London’s leading creative forces, with a reputation as a style maker, retailer and designer of beautiful products for the home.

Three magnificent new collections that go by the names Alberesque, Marlena and Library Fabrics consist ofeclectic prints, weaves and velvet’s and a selection of beautiful fabrics that compliment and support Marlena and Alberesque.

If anyone needs me I’ll be in our showroom stroking the beautiful fabrics and velvet’s!

Alberesque is a spectacular selection of indigo themed eclectic prints, weaves and velvets we haven’t stopped touching the fabric books as the quality and the feel of these fabrics are second to non not to mention the beautiful and pallet of colours used among all three collections.

Marlena is a stunning collection of autumnal themed eclectic prints, weaves and velvets it’s diverse and ranges from slate to greige, violet to beetroot this fresh look at the natural really captivates.

Library Fabrics is a compilation of accessible supporting fabrics from the William Yeoward studio. A beautiful and versatile fine chenille weave, a characterful plain velvet, and a luxurious linen each in looks designed to play wonderfully off the core Yeoward collections.

These fabulous new additions to the William Yeoward are like being given a master class in fine fabrics, colours and how to dress you home to impress. Any William Yeoward addition would be a wise decision, they are effortlessly stylish, tasteful, original, and undoubtedly the highest of quality at affordable prices.

The inspiration for the new collections draw upon the journeys of a traveller, to express the inspirations which accumulate in the enquiring mind, and find new expressions for them as fabric designs. William Yeoward plays part curator and part creator, reviving lost treasures with texture and enthusiasm. be they shapes steeped in classicism, or ethnic wonders brought to life in embroidery, this collection should both comfort and excite. Upholstery weaves and linen prints remain a staple here, with the new addition of some luxurious velvets. William’s palette continues his passion for blue and white to which he is unquestionably loyal, but he offers a refreshing modernity too with the use of grey white and damson.

It’s without question you will love all three new additions to the William Yeoward collections,the pictures speak for themselves.

I have to say for me personally one of the most difficult challenges about working in the wonderful world of interior design is constantly being surrounded by so much temptation. I find myself day dreaming about how wonderful a new fabric would look hanging in my windows or desperately trying to justify to myself that a room that was only done a year ago NEEDS the need O&L wallpaper in it because it would look just…….. perfect. I was almost (almost) pleased when my son ripped a huge section of his wallpaper in his bedroom, I found myself subconsciously browsing the wallpaper collections that would complement the rest of his room. I must resist, I must be good……… how much was that staff discount again??

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!