Top Tips For Pulling Off The Perfect Garden Party This Summer With Super Stylish Exteriors.

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With a heat wave predicted for this week and next, here are Hunters Interiors top tips for having stylish interiors as well as exteriors, any excuse for a garden party.
Our advice when thinking about décor for changing seasons, climates and trends is to keep whatever you already have, but think of ways to update it. Summer for me means pink rose colours, delphiniums, mauves and purples. Take a lesson from nature and replicate the way it manages to mix all those colours.1. Install box seating with removable cushions that you can stow away when the weather changes. The cushions can then be easily updated for changing trends. I would always use parasol fabrics for outdoor upholstery, as it will be protected from rain, is fade-resistant and available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

2. Design is moving towards environmentally conscious yet stylish solutions. How about installing a gel fire in your garden, which is an eco alternative to a real fire. It looks inviting and extends the length of time you can spend outside in the evenings.

3. Entertaining during the summer is similar to one enormous picnic. Forget formal meals with three courses and have an endless picnic with a succession of delicious dishes. Use more colourful, less formal plates and mix and match. Colourful jugs with a selection of glasses on the garden table takes on a holiday feel.

4. In the current climate, fashion has moved towards enduring classics that can be updated to your changing tastes. A great tip is sourcing vintage metal furniture which can then updated with new upholstery. Alternatively you can use beautiful plastic garden furniture which you can leave outside all year round.

5. Resin tableware is even more popular this year. New technology means it often looks similar to real glassware but it is much lighter and can adapt just as well for the outdoors as for the indoors. Pay as much attention to your outdoor setting as your indoor scheme. We are big fans of brightly coloured glassware, yet resin is a modern and practical substitute.

6. Summer is not the time for dark colours, layer bright tones of pink and blue, perhaps using tableware to add vibrancy to your dining table.

7. Make linen or loose covers for your sofas. Think of this as an economical rather than extravagant update. Making an easy, inexpensive loose cover can change the feeling of the room and a lighter fabric will help keep your interior cool. Don’t forget to wash your fabric before making the cover, as it is likely to shrink and if the fabric can be washable, even better. Exchange heavy styles for lighter and brighter fabrics and colours, florals and patterns, mixed up together.

8. If you have hard floors, take up your rugs and use this opportunity to clean the floor. Wooden floors are incredibly cool underfoot in summer. If you want to keep some sort of rug, choose a kilim or something with a hard texture and no pile, or anything in cotton.

9. Now is a good time to indulge in flowers. Buying whole bunches – even roses – becomes less expensive at this time of year. Place flowers in jugs and keep arrangements relaxed. Pick flowers yourself and mix them with cow parsley for a pretty, fresh look. Even a jug of cow parsley on its own can create an English country feel.

Enjoy the weather and contact us for any further advice or tips on interiors or exteriors.

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