This Was NOT What I Had In Mind When I Said Tidy Up!

It’s been a long Summer and as the kids are starting to return back to school this week you’re probably looking forward to a bit of normality and routine not to mention the sweet sound of peace and quiet and finally putting your house back together after numerous play dates, sleepovers and attempts at entertaining the children. Fear not the end is in sight and this might be a good opportunity to start thinking about your home and interiors.


My golden rule (I have learnt the hard way) is never plan a sort through of the children’s clothes, toys  and other possessions with the children around, it will only end in tears (usually mine). You’ll end up holding on to things that you had every intention of getting rid of  because your darling little one ‘will play with it everyday from now on’ or at least until the weekend where it will it shall resume it’s usual position in the back of the cupboard never to see daylight again….. until the next attempt of a clear out.


There’s nothing like a reminder that the summer is drawing to end when someone pipes up with how many days left until Christmas (113 today in case you were wondering). Unfortunately it is true before we know it the prep work will begin and the BBQ’s and long summer nights will be a distant memory. So indeed now might be a good time to start thinking ahead if you want your dining room ready for Christmas dinner with the Mother-in-Law and Great Aunty Jean. Lead times on furniture do vary but remember Christmas is a notoriously busy time for interior designers and suppliers and so to avoid disappointment start planning ahead.


It may be worth thinking about booking an at home consultation with one of our design team, this really helps us get a feel for the space and also the rest of your home to ensure we put a scheme together that will capture the essence of you and your home whilst gently coaxing you out of your comfort zone with ideas that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of but will love (and us hopefully).


We offer free advice in our showroom on a no appointment necessary basis so feel free to pop in or give us a call to book an specific time that suit you. You can always bring in photos of the area you’re wanting help with or perhaps a cushions or item that you’re looking to match to and we can start creating your dream living space. We also put mood boards together if you need a little extra help visualising the finished look. We work together with you to deliver stylish interiors bespoke to your individual taste whilst also being practical and tailored to your budget.


We are passionate about interiors and we know that sometimes with the stresses and strains of life you might not always have the time to devote to improve your house which is why using an interior design service is so invaluable. Limit the time you spend trawling the internet and finding fabrics and wallpapers that match. We know our stuff at Hunters Interiors and our extensive library and product knowledge means we eliminate time which means you’ll have more time to spend on doing the things that you love while we get to work.


I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Summer whether you’ve been away, been busy working or putting a childcare schedule in place that quite frankly was more complicated than Einstein’s theory of relativity. Normality shall soon be resumed and we can all start panicking about the next school holidays but at least you can do it in the comfort of your beautiful home.

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