Ssssh We Will Let You Into A Little Secret……

So at Hunters Interiors we don’t really tend to jump on the whole latest interior trend wagon, we’re classic, timeless and go for schemes that you’ll still love just as much in a years time and hasn’t been done to death by every interior magazine you lay your eyes on.

However this isn’t to say that we don’t listen to our clients specifications we’re more than happy to incorporate colours and ideas even if they fall into this seasons hottest interior must have. We keep our fabric and wallpaper libraries fresh and up to date by adding new collections constantly, you can often see a colour trend or pattern have an influence over the new designs which is then naturally implemented into our clients homes.

It is true that you can generally tell a lot about how a persons home will look by the style of clothes that they are wearing. Yes we’ve all been caught out nipping to the local shop for some milk in an outfit that looks like you got dressed in the dark by your 6 year old, but as a rule of thumb your appearance says a lot about your likes, dislikes and general taste.

For example if we have a prospective client come in to our showroom wearing loud and bright colours you can pretty much assume that their decor taste will bold, audacious and they’re not afraid of pushing their interior boundaries. But also vice versa if your attire is neutral and understated the chances are so will your taste in decor. Your clothes say a lot about the type of person you are, the way you put an outfit together is often a good reflection on how you would put your home together. Style isn’t just for the catwalk—the most well received colors and prints often find their way through the design world as well.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue isn’t going anywhere for quite a while, having made splashes last summer/autumn with some of our favourite design houses such as Designers Guild, Cole & Sons and Harlequin. It’s a bold enough hue to stand on its own, but it still has a special ability to complement the lighter blues in the color family.

These deep blues are being incorporated into home design, as pictured through the attractive integration of textiles and wall hangings. It’s so rich and fabulous, perfect when paired with a grey or pink”

Black and White Graphic Prints

Modern graphic prints are taking center stage both on and off the runway. See how to integrate sharp graphic textiles into your home with soft neutral woods and hints of mint. Just about any color can be used with these fun black and white prints, designed for both the modern and timeless heart.


Prints that are reminiscent of Moroccan patterns have always been popular in both the fashion and interior-design worlds. Patterns that mix deep mocha and ivory tones are being adapted for the home. The bold print can seamlessly tie a room together, and you can combine antiques with modern decor.

Why not throw in a statement rug just for the extra wow factor.

Ochre Yellows

This is the color of the moment: a rich, deep yellow seen in a variety of textures and tones recently from design houses we use at Hunters Interiors – and it can be incorporated in pretty much any room around the house or desired space and with a variety of contrasting colours. When thinking about adding a splash of colour to your home don’t under estimate ochre’s ability to pack a visual punch especially when paired with rich velvet jewel tones.

See below Sanderson’s Brianza velvet collection looks great with a contrasting colour.

Panic not though if the world of colours, patterns, schemes and geometric lines are like a foreign language to you, come in and see us at Hunters Interiors – our showroom is open 6 days a week Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturdays 10am – 4pm. We are happy to hold your hand and gently bring you out of your comfort zone or stick to your own individual style and show you options to work with what you feel comfortable with. We know our stuff here at Hunters – plus the coffee is pretty good too so it’s a win/win.

Here’s a few of our favourite examples at Hunters of how interiors can influence your fashion choices without you even realising it.


After adding this gorgeous Cole & Son cobalt blue wallpaper Candy came in days later dressed in this ensemble – a striking resemblance (plus she even brought in her own matching blue scrubbing brush….. talk about attention to detail).


Shortly after we had this bold and striking Designers Guild wallpaper put up in our showroom I wore this outfit – as if the purple top and green handbag wasn’t enough I went the extra mile and wore matching shoes…… clearly I’m a bigger slave to the design world that I originally thought.

Simon – our decorator hard at work painting our showroom.

Once this Fired Earth Olive Paste paint was on our showroom walls making a statement, it was only a matter of time before Georgie donned the aubergine trousers and boots – in fact it was that very same evening for our Autumn drinks party (below).


Perhaps the lines of interiors and fashion do get blurred occasionally and it’s amazing what goes in subconsciously – is there a reason that you’ve picked a particular colour for your new dining room, is it a coincidence or did you see it in that copy of Vogue you were casually flicking through in the doctors surgery?

Now we’ve let you into one of our little trade secrets that from the moment we lay eyes on you we’re running through which books from which design houses will most suit what we think is your taste, do you think you’ll spend an extra moment thinking about what would you like your outfit to say about your home? From fabulous to bold, daring, chic, or traditional, classic, understated and timeless? There’s no right or wrong as long as it’s you.