So You’re An Interior Designer??

Being able to read people is one if the many skills that is required when working in Interior Design, after one conversation with a new client we have an innate skill of knowing what their client wants.

Some people bring work home with them, but for interior designers (and interior decorators), this can seem like an understatement. The personal nuances that make a great interior designer don’t get left at the office, rather they are life skills and personality traits that follow them in every facet of life.

Are you married to an interior designer? If so, then you know what I’m are talking about. Or perhaps you’re reading this with the realisation that you also display classic behavioural patterns from a severe and life long condition I like to call ‘Addictive Designers Hyperactivity Disorder’.

Here are the tell-tale signs to look out for:


1 ) Your Closet Is Arranged By Colour

When you look in your wardrobe do you see a perfectly planned colour palette whose shades give an ombre effect to the clothes hanging in there? Are your clothes grouped together by colour, pattern or texture? This is a classic closet scenario and I’m afraid one which doesn’t just stop with ourselves it usually affects the whole family.

Having your clothes arranged however is not necessarily a bad thing. Think of the time saved searching endlessly for your favourite item of clothing, that’s OK you can thank us later.


2) Type A + Personality

Ah yes the Type A+ Personality, we are fun to live with aren’t we? Everything has a place and every place has a purpose, most commonly used phrase ‘are you going to leave that there?’.

It might drive others crazy but the truth is being a Type A can get you far in life. Type A’s are go-getters; they are organised and for the most part they are very successful individuals who know what they want. Despite the fact that we can be be tightly wound at times and difficult to live with Type A Personalities are the ones to look up to and perhaps imitate. There you go – there is method in our madness.


3) Perfectionism Reigns Supreme

In addition to the Type A personality, we are notoriously perfectionists.

However, this perfectionism is what makes us succeed in the interior design world. Being able to deliver utter perfection to our clients is what makes us happy and we thrive off it.

On the other hand it might be at the annoyance of those around us , slightly. We all know that home life doesn’t always run as seamlessly as our work lives, especially when kids, family, dog, auntie’s pet ferrets are involved. We’re most likely to get the plastic covers out and have the antibacterial gel at the ready for your child’s play date – and I can’t help but chuckle at this because I am shamelessly guilty of this.

happy boy playing with paint

4) Did I Walk Into The Wrong House?

Being with to an interior designer definitely has its perks – excitement for one. This is particularly true when it comes to walking into your own home – life is literally like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

Many designers have a knack for changing furniture, wall décor, seating arrangements, and the wall colour in our own home quite often. While this does help keep excitement in the home, we spare a thought for those we are living with coming home from a long day, looking forward to relaxing in their favourite chair only to find it replaced with our ‘newest project’.


5) Coffee Tables Are Not For Feet (Or Coffee)

Every home has a coffee table which is the perfect place to prop your feet up on, or even (god forbid) sit your coffee mug upon.

Unfortunately this is an interior designers biggest bug bare, those two activities – as well as many others – are strictly forbidden from occurring on top of your coffee table.

That is because coffee tables in the homes of interior designers are used to display decorative items and serve in many cases – no other purpose except one of being aesthetically pleasing – prepare yourself for ‘the look’ for anyone who dares to break the rule.


6) Your Bed is Filled With Pillows

When you walk into your bedroom is your bed piled so high with pillows you cannot even see the bed? Then you have probably just walked into an interior designer bedroom – sorry spouses.

Not only will your bed be piled high with pillows, but at night we need to remove the cushions carefully and placing them in the ‘designated cushion area’ which can be a long and painful task, but as these particular pillows are not for sleeping/eating/resting or breathing on or anywhere in close proximity it’s essential task to keep the peace. What you actually thought those pillows and cushions were for use??


7) To -Do Lists Are A Must

There is no way a day goes by without a to-do list, and this doesn’t just occur in the professional life of an interior designer. In fact, most interior designers are so used to being busy that without a to-do list at home, they could go stir-crazy.

Don’t worry, most times these to-do lists are for ourselves to complete. We tend to feel the need to fix things in the home, and be sure that no stone is left unturned or that no job is left undone at the end of the day.


7) You Can’t Watch A TV Programme In The Same Way Again, Ever.

So you’ve a long day at work you’re finally settling down to unwind and you switch on the television, and then it starts…. this uncontrollable urge inside you. You’re watching your favourite programmes but instead of looking at the characters taking in the story line you’re reorganising their living room, looking at the wallpaper and picking out the the bits in the room that don’t ‘blend well together’. Before you know if you’ve feng shui and put a whole new scheme together that would not only be much more functional but would be fabulous, and the scary thing is you don’t even know you were doing it.


We’re a funny bread – we’re creative, talented, dedicated, inspired, and colourful.

Being an interior designer is not just a job, it’s a way of life. Interior designers have the inability to separate themselves at home from themselves at work – but in a good way.But if you’re an interior designer reading this isn’t it good to know that you are not alone in your crazy, yet fun, fabric-filled life.


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