Out With The Old In With The New?

Until recently there were two separate camps of buyers – those who would only consider period properties with their “character” and original features, and those who favoured the easy-living low-maintenance of new build. Period properties have for some time been deemed a money pit and the brand new shiny homes “characterless” but there are pros and cons to both property types.


You may face issues such as heating costs, electrical issues and general maintenance of an older property but have you taken into consideration the additional hidden costs that you may not have factored in on your new build? Is the turf for the gardens or the flooring all part of the deal or are you going to get stung with an over inflated quote for a mediocre finish? Have you taken into consideration that new houses often need all kinds of add on’s from curtain rails to a new telephone connection and TV aerials? If you’re teetering on the edge of which camp to pick make sure you have all the information and get an in depth full survey done so there aren’t any nasty surprises later down the line.

With a period property you’re governed slightly by the existing features (part of the reason you feel in love with the property in the first place) it’s important to maximise those and choose your interiors to compliment and work in harmony with the rest of the house. It is possible to achieve a more contemporary look in a period property but it’s tricky to nail without ruining the essence of the home. In some aspects working with a blank canvas of a new build can be harder as you’re working with nothing and the task of starting from the beginning for each room can be pretty daunting (panic not we’re here to help!).



Whatever your taste or style interiors are what make your house a home, from the colour palettes you choose to the sofas where you’ll be entertaining friends it’s your statement so don’t rush into making impulsive decisions you will regret in a years time. If you are redecorating one room at a time then put the whole scheme together first, mood boards are a great way to visualise the end result and iron out any potential mistakes before it’s too late. If you’re planning on an entire house project ensure the rooms flow seamlessly into one another to create a feeling of space, light and elongation. Perhaps the draw of a pristine newly magnolia painted house with a sparkling new kitchen and bathrooms is pulling you in, whatever you decide on make the very most after all it’s the most expensive purchase you’ll make!


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