Operation Party Time at Hunters Headquarters

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station and my my it’s a beauty.

So in preparation for our Autumn drinks party this Thursday with King West Estate Agents we are cracking the whip with our decorator Simon as he is busy making our Uffington showroom even more beautiful ‘how is this possible??’ I hear you cry but alas it appears we can. We have chosen a selection of stylish, classic and utterly irresistible fabrics, wallpapers, paints and furniture to go into our showroom using some of our favourite suppliers Zoffany, Fired Earth, Jane Churchill and Colefax & Flower.

Here’s a picture of my desk with the new Zoffany colour ‘Prussian’ it’s a show stopper and the original contemporary Catherine Headley picture hanging on the wall above just adds a pop of colour to this dramatic and statement wall colour giving you a real feel for how you can implement strong colours within your home and make them look fabulous. Complete with my fresh flowers that were so kindly bought as a present from Georgie and Candy I can’t help but utter the words ‘Soooo pretty’ when I look at my work station I am a lucky lady!

Here’s Simon our decorator cracking on with the next section with another bold and truly stunning Fired Earth paint Olive Paste. He’s happy as we have plied him with copious amounts of tea and biscuits and we’re happy because he’s doing a fantastic job.

No stone will be left un turned as Georgie takes one for the team and is busy dry ironing our Zoffany curtains in Romey’s fabric which comes in a variation of different colours and are made up in the Hunter’s Interiors signature style of the triple pleat floor length – I even found her dry ironing one of our sofa’s now that is dedication for the cause!

I am doing my bit by sampling the absolutely divine sea salt and caramel chocolate bars which have been personalised for the Hunters and King West event – Herbie and I are having a good discussion about how many bars pass as ‘quality control’ we have mutually agreed that one is simply just not enough. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. These bars will be going in the Mulberry goodie bags along with some other treats, it’s first class service all the way from the Hunters and King West team.

Style need not be compromised when you’re an Interior Design pro like Candy taking a hammer to our freshly painted walls (might I mention IN HEELS, now that’s impressive) to hang some fabric lengths from the Alhambra by Swaffer collection – this fabric really compliments the Olive Paste colour and gives a great insight to what fabrics would work well for curtains, blinds or other room accessories within a similar scheme.

We have lots more going on this week in the showroom in preparation for our Autumn drinks party on Thursday evening – if it looks this good as a not yet finished project just imagine how eye catching and amazing it will look when it’s done. If there’s one thing we know a lot about it’s interior design, we know it, we love it and we excel at it. Don’t believe me come into our showroom in Uffington to see the proof of the pudding (we can’t promise there will be any chocolate left but we will try).

One things for sure after all this hard work and preparation we have certainly earned our fresh canapes and champagne which we are very much looking forward to – chin chin we will drink to that.