New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Not Only Want To Stick To You’ll Love To

So… First of all I would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. Now that we have said goodbye to 2014 the turkey, crackers, mince pies and copious amounts of fizz seem a distant memory so let’s start by making a list of resolutions around your home that not only will you WANT to stick to you’ll enjoy too. Whoever said New Year’s resolutions had to be just about setting yourself totally unrealistic personal goals? Let’s make them fun, beneficial and of course FABULOUS!



I’m sure that you’re already itching to de clutter the abundance of toys and aftermath of Christmas, put the guest room back together after the family have stayed and start organising your home back to a living space you’re proud of. Our home is the backdrop for our entire life, and the state it is in directly affects our emotional well-being. I for one instantly feel more relaxed and focused in a tidy space, and sleepy and unproductive in an ill-lit one. What’s more, most of us share our home with the people we care about the most: family or friends.

Our house whatever the space, location, rented or owned is our HOME and is simply where life happens, it deserves to be the best possible version of itself, and a true reflection of you.






1. I will donate everything I haven’t used in the past year. Most of us are guilty of it, hoarding and collecting items that we don’t need or use. Let’s face it if it’s been in the cupboard for over a year and you haven’t needed it or even remembered you had it – it’s time to get rid. Try to go through a cupboard or if possible a room a day (be realistic) hold an item in your hands and think about how important it is or isn’t to you – if you don’t need it don’t store it, it’s time to get organised. Plus think of what a good deed you’re doing if you donate to someone else in need or a local charity, win win.



2. I will replace or repurpose one piece of furniture in my home. It’s always fun buying new things for our home, but what’s even more special, is redesigning something old for a new purpose! Whether you’re a DIY expert or a beginner, there’s loads of fun and simple projects you can conquer around your home. Have a look round your home and think about where you would like to start maybe a chest of drawers, a side table or even your sofas. If you would prefer not to do the work yourself bring it in to Hunters Interiors we have our own team of experts to assist with your interior needs. Having your items reupholstered can transform your room for a fraction of the price and with our extensive fabric library there’s plenty of choice to suit your taste and budget.




3. I will let go of any negative paint colour, accessory, or piece of furniture that does not serve the direction I’m going in this year. Did you experience a major loss this past year (divorce, job loss, etc.)? Don’t be afraid to let things go in your home that remind you of negative events. Of course, there are some things we want to hold on to when we overcome hard times, but, don’t be afraid to donate or throw away things that really won’t benefit your new state of mind in the New Year.



4. I will do one thing to improve my favorite room in the house. Just when you think you love your favourite room enough, go the extra mile and add that extra special lamp you’ve had your eye on or a new Zoffany sofa and footstool, key pieces should be seen as an investment, they will last for years and if you choose wisely they will stand the test of time and latest trends and be a item that you will treasure for all the right reasons. You’ll be surprised how much more you will love your room with your MUST HAVE item proudly displayed in it.

These striking lamps are beautifully designed by Porta Romana – owning one is most definitely on my wish list.



5. I will do one thing to improve the “face” of my home. Now that we’re in the depths of Winter it’s easy to let things slip on the exteriors of our homes. Remember, it is the first impression anyone has of your cherished living space so imagine looking at your house with a fresh pair of eyes – what are your initial thoughts? Invest in a lawn service, install a sprinkler system, paint your front door a new colour and remove that dying tree you’ve been staring at for years. Everyone wants to feel good driving up to their home after a long day. So, go on and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving and it will add extra value to your property.



6. I will update my guest bathroom. Make this a priority in the New Year! The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it’s also one of the easiest to update – a fresh lick of paint, some new tiles or updated bathroom accessories is all you need. You will not only feel accomplished, but it will encourage you to invite company over to celebrate with – indulge your inner smug side!



7. I will live with what I LOVE and NOT impulse buy. So we’re probably all guilty of doing it buying a piece of furniture or accessory that don’t quite match the rest of your decor but it was a good price or convenient? Looking around your room at items of furniture that don’t complement one another and quite frankly are an eye sore will only irritate you, the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is NOT to impulse buy.

Wait until you can do a full room up exactly how you want it, do it right, you will be amazed at how much your taste and even budget can have changed in the three years since you half half-heartedly ‘spruced’ up your dining room or bedroom. It’s an expensive and time consuming mistake to make try to avoid and if in doubt call in the experts we’re only too happy to help source the right items for you.

Remember you have to live with your choices for a long time and look at them every day – so choose wisely and keep in with the theme of the rest of your house and individual room sets.

Do it right like the below picture – you’ll thank yourself.



8. I will push my boundaries. When it comes to the home unless you have a natural flare for interior design you might be slightly weary about choosing something that is a little out of your comfort zone. Panic not this is where the experts can assist, at Hunters we have many years of knowledge and experience and we know what works – we can give you that gentle nudge to guide you to make decisions around your home that are above and beyond your expectations and you’ll LOVE us for it. Don’t be afraid to choose something a little bolder or a colour that you wouldn’t normally go for, there are lots of options to compliment your choices. Say goodbye to mundane magnolia or continuous monotonous colour just because it’s safe – DARE TO BE BRAVE and if you’re not sure come in and see us at Hunters we’re happy to help.


So here are the only New Year’s resolutions you will want to stick to, it is an opportunity to implement changes, to grow, to think and to take crucial decisions.

Don’t allow another year to go by looking at your tired wall and mismatched furnishings, your home reflects on you as a individual so let it make the right statement and be something you’re truly proud of.