Making room for a seasonal change

So now the nights have drawn in, it’s getting colder and winter is well and truly on it’s way. You might be looking at one of your rooms such as your sitting room or snug thinking you would like to achieve another look but without a big expenditure.

Here are some good tip for giving your room a real lift by changing it around and adding different accessories to suit the different seasons such as cushions, throws, lamps, rugs and decorative accessories. In the winter the weather can be so harsh, so adding a warm glow to make your room feel cosy and appealing is a great idea especially as the chances are you’ll be spending more time in that room.

Summer is a restful, relaxing, laid-back time of year bright blues such as a colbalt is a great colour to chose to really give your room a pop of colour and make it feel like summer is here. Having a change over from Summer to Winter should make an impact and give your room a whole new feel but if your feeling adventurous why not try changing thing around for all four seasons?

Here is a good example for you to see the same room with a summer and then a winter feel to it achieved by changing cushions, pictures, stool, table and a few decorative accessories. You can see how the bottom picture looks cosy with the fire blazing and the subtle gold and red hints give it a festive feel. The same table, sofa and chair and yet this has transformed the room from the bright blues and fresh summer feel that the top image has.

With Christmas just around the corner you’ll most likely to having family round, if you want a new look with minimal expense and disruption have a look below for ideas that will create a perfect winter room set.

Even with the fuscia chair adding contrasting and darker cushions make this room feel dramatic and cosy. This striking fabric is from the new Jane Churchill collection and you can purchase the fabric or the ready made cushion from Hunters Interiors.

Wall Art is a great way to change the feel of a room this can be easily swapped over even if you’re just taking one picture from one room to another and moving it around. Or if you are looking for a new painting we have a collection of beautiful hand painted pictures by local artists that are available to buy in our showroom.

Picture by Catherine Headley priced at £850 and available now.

Reds and burnt orange are both great colours to create a more winter feel to a room but team it with neutrals or metallic shown above for the just the right balance.

Adding a statement rug such as this gorgeous Harlequin one with dark grey and contrasting yellow cushions and accessories make this room look perfect for relaxing in on a winter evening.

A rug can totally transform a room and is a great trick to add warmth and texture.

Adding a throw or even a couple to make your room warm and inviting and also create a relaxing atmosphere. These are practical as well as stylish – here are a couple from Designers Guild.

Candles and seasonal decorative accessories are a good way to add a touch of winter into a room.

So you can achieve a whole new look to a room without having to totally redecorate and spend a fortune. Why not have a go at transforming your room into a cosy winters snug ready for Christmas and if you need any tips or advice contact us at Hunters Interiors we’re only too happy to help. All these items can be purchased through Hunters Interiors please contact us for further details and prices.