Introducing to you, something very special and exciting…..

Introducing to you, something very special and exciting, we’ve been wanting you to meet for a while now……….

SAY HELLO TO – The Brand New Collection from Osborne & Little oh and it’s a corker, it makes me want to book a holiday immediately!


Turkey, India and the East Indies provides the inspiration for this collection of decorative wallcoverings enhanced with animal kingdom prints and presented in striking colour groups.

Let us know if you would like samples of any of these gorgeous fabrics or wallpapers – us Hunters Ladies have all the right connections and can even get them sent direct to your door and it’s totally free of charge. It’s tough at the top…..


These patterns and colours really complement one another – it’s daring but without being overkill.

Cobalt Blue is showing no sign of stopping and it’s still a firm favourite with the top design houses and still on trend for Spring 2015. O&L sign, seal and deliver this trend with style, class and edge – managing to make a notorious cold colour feel fresh, fabulous and inviting, bravo!

A collection of embroideries and velvets inspired by the exoticism of India and the East Indies takes its name from the site of an ancient capital on the island of Goa

What a beautiful and tranquil setting – talk about calm and peaceful surroundings.

You can really see the Indian and East Indies influence in these pictures and my goodness does it make me want to book flights to Goa.

Contact us to find out any further information on any of these products call on 01780 757946 or email me rachel@huntersinteriorsofstamford.co.uk