Interior Trend Cycles Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve seen various colour trends come and go over the years and eventually most do a trend cycle going out and then coming back in much like the fashion industry. Trends often influence our decision on how we want the overall look of a room to be sometimes even subconsciously but don’t be afraid of bucking the trend and making choices that you love not just because they are the in thing at the moment. The danger of going for current trend is that it dates much quicker than timeless interiors and you could tire of it quickly. Unlike poor fashion choices that can be hidden in the back of a closet when you commit to the wrong home wares, you very literally have to live with them.

If you are keen to implement an element of a trend test it out on an item that you can affordably change as and when you like keeping it looking renewed. Consider working with a fairly neutral base then layer up coloured accessories on top, white walls and simple flooring can take bright shades and makes a great statement.

Your furniture tends to last a long time so make sure you choose wisely, scale is important you want to make sure the piece isn’t too large or too small and avoid the temptation to over crowd which can be a costly mistake and ABSOLUTELY measure up before making a purchase. Lighting and mirrors are probably the only items you can afford to over size as it creates a dramatic decorative statement but doesn’t dominate the room.

I’m sure we all have some interesting memories of interior trends from times of old, for me it was the contrasting wall colours with a wallpaper boarder running round the middle – rest assured if that trend ever makes a comeback I will not be jumping on the band wagon!

As Designers we have a big part to play in setting trends as we bring fresh insight to a space and creative innovation, every project is bespoke as every clients specification, taste and budget differ being able to bring fresh ideas and implement creative designs is all part of the thrill of working in our industry. Whatever your next project is Hunters Interiors are always on hand to give advice and guidance to ensure you’re thrilled with the end result.