Hubba Hubba Hello Harlequin


My levels of excitement are through the roof having just purchased the new Amazilla collection from Harlequin.

If you need an injection of colour and vibrancy into your life then look no further, this new collection is bursting with life with its extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways.






The collection of five new books include a striking collection of sumptuous spray-dyed velvets, suitable for upholstery as well as drapes. Available in eight luxurious shades, the colour moves across the width of the velvet, intense in the middle then fading and twisting towards the edges. The pictures don’t do them justice they’re not only beautiful to look at but super smooth to touch.


Great use of colour and pattern variety, cushions and throws can be bought ready made from Hunters why wait when you don’t have to?



Love this lifestyle image the use of spots, feathers, velvet and natural wicker chair compliment each other perfectly – giving a chalky feel with a twist of cobalt blue, winner.


It feels like you’re in the rain forest with this statement wall colour, vibrant tropical fabrics and use of bamboo. This gets me in the mood for those rising temperatures (or so I’m hoping) and long chilled out Summer evenings, oooh pass me the cocktails!


A versatile butterfly wallpaper that proves it can work in any room, this comes in a variety of colourways. It’s bright, edgy and simply fabulous!


One of our favourite sofa suppliers John Sankey showcase their Partridge sofa covered in Amazilla Velvet Lagoon Raspberry and it looks amazing. This collection has just raised the bar, tie dye inspired velvets…… genius.


The books will be in our showroom very soon but samples are available NOW please feel free to contact us to request samples or ask for further details.