Homes to Aspire, Inspire and Desire

So I’m passionate about blogging about beautiful interiors, soft furnishings and colour schemes that you can incorporate into your own homes. However this time I thought I would go for something a little different and show you a collection of homes that most of us can only ever dream of owning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them, gaze with envy, shed a little tear that it probably won’t ever happen.

I may be in the minority (I’m probably not just most of you won’t admit to it) but have we not all when visiting a extravagant grand property or stately home pretended to be Lord or Lady of the manor?? Perhaps it’s my performing arts background rearing its ugly head but when I see a beautiful and quintessentially English property it makes me not only really appreciate our heritage but desperately want to re-enact a scene from Pride and Prejudice – you’ll be pleased to know I have resisted up to this point. Anyhow, enough about me on to the good stuff…….


I would like to think that within reason you can transform any house with the right interior design expertise but when you’re working with a canvas as striking as these homes you would like to think you couldn’t go too far wrong (this is a bold statement maybe I should add with a little Hunters help, of course).





What a stunning entrance hall with statement wall art and simple but classic muted tone wall paint, contrasting panelling and an over stated but elegant display of fox glove flowers. And yes that’s a real dog not an quirky accessory.





I love the use of this classic and simple table surrounded by these unusual chests with inscriptions on. You could even make them personal to you by having quotes or details of special occasions or memories written on to make a totally unique and a lovely little keep sake.





Long gone are the days of matching sofas and chairs it’s all about contrast and that includes different textures, fabrics and colours. Give a classic sofa style a modern twist with the use of some bold and colourful cushion and throw. This somewhat traditional room has just the right balance of period and 21st century living with the eye catching footstool and chairs with the timeless triple pleat full length curtains and scenic painting above the sofa.




The kitchen is the hub of a home – it’s where you share meal times with your family, socialise with your friends and probably the room you end up spending a large amount of your time in. So make it a room you’ll be proud to be, if you have the space use lots of comfortable seating, it makes it easier to relax in and perfect for entertaining. Having your seating spread out and at different levels like these bar stools and bench it creates a functional and sociable milieu that’s great for entertaining in. Who’s up for an impromptu BBQ?






This dining room is bright and tranquil with a hint of renaissance to it with these high backed dining chairs with beautiful button detail. The distressed side unit goes flawlessly with the wooden legs of the chairs and its attention to detail like that which pull everything together and ensure the room flows.





Having an orangery added on to your house is a perfect way to gain a spacious and light room that can be multi functional. The huge amount of light make it feel like an outside inside (yes that’s the technical term) and the fresh flowers really enforces that breath of fresh air feel. I couldn’t not mention the glass covered well as a extraordinary floor feature, don’t let a historic feature go to waste when you can incorporate it into your home and keep some of the houses original features.




The epitome of a country estate is your very own wellington boot room, throw in some country tweed, riding boots and dog accessories and are living the country dream. Generally a wellie boot room comes in the form of one of the entrances to the house and don’t expect it to be pristine and clean – if you live in the country expect to bring it in to your home, quite literally.




Getting the balance right of keeping some of the authenticity of your period home and being able to put your own stamp on it can be quite tricky especially if you lean more towards to the modern and contemporary side. Try adding a subtle modern twist for example the lamps in the background (see above) It would be difficult to pull off a contemporary/city chic look in country estate – work to unlock your homes potential and keep it in keeping with the period of the property.

This four poster bed with full valance and matching head board could run the risk of being overkill so keep the rest of the room simple to pull off the look.




What a beautiful and elegant room I love the wallpapered door, french style furniture and pastel colours – simple accessories such as plain lamp shades really extenuate the artwork as a focal point.

English Manor House, Norfolk

And of course what country estate isn’t complete without equally beautiful landscaped gardens and acres of green grass and sculptures. Jealous, me? NO!