Every Girl Needs Mulberry In Their Lives……



Here’s Candy and Rachel introducing the brand new Mulberry Home collections Bohemian Romance and Bohemian Weaves to our back garden at the Hunters showroom in Uffington, just outside of Stamford. It’s days like this that I can really appreciate just how fortunate I am, beautiful weather, beautiful surroundings and beautiful fabrics – happy days!

I personally think every girl should have a little bit of Mulberry in their lives – and my goodness judging by these amazing new collections every girl should have some Bohemian Mulberry in their lives – they are fab-u-lous!!

To celebrate the new collections now in our showroom for your perusal we thought we would take the books on a little tour of our surroundings on this glorious sunny day. We are going to lap up every minute – it’s predicted snow for Monday and I’m not sure the Mulberry collections are geared up for snow so they shall be keeping warm inside the showroom and as will we. Come in and have a browse through the new books – we also have the brand new Baker and Baker Lifestyle collections the arbiter of British style, so come and visit us I promise you won’t be disappointed.



 Spot Herby the dog in the background enjoying some freedom in the great outdoors


Whilst carrying the chair outside one of our friendly neighbours at Copthill Farm Enterprises came to see what we were up to so we roped him into being our photographer – I’m pretty sure he thinks we are a little crazy.


Beautiful Bakers fabric with the Mulberry collection books on a John Sankey Hawthorne chair. If you want to know more about any of these collections – feel free to contact us 01780 757946 or email info@huntersinteriorsofstamford.co.uk

It’s a tough life working in this business…….