Don’t Go Mental, Decorate Your Rental. Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

Don’t Go Mental, Decorate Your Rental

Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

With property prices soaring, more and more people are stuck in rented houses when they would rather own, but a bit of creativity can help to turn your rental into a home you’ll be proud of. Although you might be limited as to how much ‘home improvement’ you can do on your rental property and you most likely don’t want spend excessively on a home that you won’t see a return on or take with you when you leave rest assured there are plenty of options still open to you.

Many of us are desperate to buy our own house but those dreams recede as property prices rocket and wages stagnate. In short, the chances of being able to afford to buy a house are increasingly more difficult.



But before I induce mass renters’ misery, it isn’t all bleak it’s possible to enjoy the best of both worlds; not having to pay to replace a broken boiler or washing machine while still creating a cosy home that has your own personality and stamp on it.



Some landlords are extremely particular about what you’re allowed to change, but others don’t mind – so don’t assume either way. Some may begrudge paying for work in a house they don’t own, but, if you know you’re likely to live there for a few years and it will make doing so more enjoyable, then why not make a house feel like a home? Here are some of my best tips:


Of course, if you find living in someone else’s house mildly depressing, then being surrounded by their furniture is probably the miserable cherry on the cake. Opt for a non-furnished property that you can slowly fill with furniture to your own tastes, and to your budget, plus you can take your furniture from home to home. You can mix and match quality items with items from car boots, antique markets and charity shops but remember if you buy cheap and make do furniture that don’t really blend together you will eventually end up replacing it and therefore spending double the money so think and choose carefully on the items that you really aren’t willing to compromise on style and quality and if needs must wait until your budget allows you to.


Get Creative

If you are stuck with the home-owner’s furniture, you can always change the soft furnishings. Curtains and cushions make a huge difference to the feel of your living space, have you thought about making your own curtains or having dress curtains made up with your chosen fabric to minimize on the fabric needed and therefore keeping your costs down. Buy a few throw pillows or throws to cheer up the sofa and/or chairs. Having curtains in fabrics that detail colours and patterns that are personal to you will always make a rented space feel more like your own.


These beautiful throws start from just £85 supplied by Hunters Interiors of Stamford

Use Wallpaper


Ribbon-hung wallpaper

There are clever, impermanent, ways to introduce wallpaper into your rental. Thread some ribbon through the centre of the roll then hang it from the top of the wall, in a low traffic spot. A sturdier alternative is to paste wallpaper on to tall wooden boards and stand them behind a table or sofa.

Introduce Colour

If you have a good relationship with your landlord, ask them if they would be happy for you to paint, as long as you paint it back to the original colour before you leave. If you don’t wish to invest so heavily, consider painting a door, doorframe or a small section of wall in a surprise accent colour instead. Not only is this cheaper and quicker (you will use much less paint) but it’s also a quirky and interesting way to bring colour into a scheme. Talk to us about which paint types and colours would work best in your intended area.



Display Art and Photos

An obvious suggestion, but doing so can really make a difference. If you have picture rails, you can hang and re-hang pictures to your heart’s content. If not there are plenty of options on the market now from your local DIY shop that allow you to hang pictures and wallart without making a hole or damaging the walls, hey presto instant transformation! What about framing fabrics and wallpaper they can really pull your scheme together and gives your home a real injection of your own taste and colour ideas.

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Home Accessories

If your room isn’t quite working and you need some more items to pull everything together add some home accessories that work with the rest of the room, lamps, ornaments, candles and diffusers can go a long way.

redwood-frosted-lamp-with-grey-shade-1.573  Fabulous Frosted Lamp with Grey Shade – Sold by Hunters Interiors £119                           20234Designers Guild Rose Diffuser sold by Hunters £35

Renting doesn’t have to be dull, there are plenty of ideas and options to make the best of your property, if you want any more ideas or to talk through your home contact us on info@huntersinteriorsofstamford.co.uk or call us on 01780 757946.