10 Design Secrets You Must Know Before You Start Your Next Project

After many years in the interior design industry we’ve picked out some of our essential tips you need to consider when you’re thinking about starting a new project. A room should have a beginning, middle and end concept and the final look should be one that you’ll love every time you walk in to the room.

1. Start with Your Colour Scheme

For a head to toe make over the first step is creating a palette – come up with a basic colour scheme and take it from room to room. By using the same base colours throughout you can create interest by using other colour from the palette into each room but still keep the flow of the house making it blend perfectly and creating a continuous feel. Avoid impulse buying by working within a tight colour palette and plan carefully to ensure the finished scheme works as a whole.

2. Use Investment Pieces Front and Centre

If you truly love something, you’ll want to put it on display. Use and enjoy your cherished items and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom. Injecting personal style and items with a story are what turns an average room into a stunning home.

3. If You Haven’t Got It Fake It

If you have low ceilings and want to give the impression of height keep your furniture low-slung, create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal. Adding large accessories such as a mirror add scale to a room. Maximise the most of what you have!

4. A Little Bit of What You Fancy

Kids can be messy, don’t postpone a makeover because you’re afraid of it getting ruined. Spend your money on a comfortable, well-made sofa that you’ll have forever. Don’t deny yourself that designer fabric you’ve fallen in love with use it on something small like a cushion.

5. Amplify Neutrals with Texture

If you prefer to keep it simple with neutral tones then add lots of different textures and materials to keep your room interesting, a variety will add depth without compromising on simplicity.

6. Stay Curtain Classic

Curtains are an investment they add warmth and complexity to your windows but they really must go all the way to the floor otherwise they look unfinished and a bit stingy. If you’re working with existing curtains for a window which weren’t originally meant for the window intended then have them hemmed so they reach the floor, it really does make ALL the difference.

7. Keep It Natural

You might think of straw as an outside textile but it can look just as good indoors. Straw, jute and natural materials and neutral tones look sophisticated and chic.

8. Pillow Talk

One pair of cushions always look a bit skimpy but by adding an extra pair with contrasting patterns and textures it makes the room feel warm and inviting. Don’t be afraid to go bigger in size, small cushions can look like they came with the furniture you want your furniture to look complete.

9. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

When hanging a mirror consider what is in the reflection, a nice ornament or chandelier creates a beautiful scene plus it’s always better to have something pretty looking back at you.

10. Dining Delights

Gone are the days of formal dining tables forgot dining chairs have you considered a mixture of chairs and benches? You automatically feel more relaxed and cosy when you’re sat on a bench amongst friends, you wouldn’t have 8 identical chairs in your living room so apply the same rule in your dining area.