Design Hunters – Dressing to Impress

Of course we all know that the windows in your home are not just for looking out of or letting the light in …they are so much more – an architectural feature that you may want to highlight or play down and potentially, a focal point to your room.

At Hunters Interiors, we love an eclectic look, one that can be evolved and updated without making drastic changes every season and one way that this can work in your own home is to layer fabrics as curtains.


Sofienberg fabric in magenta

Create the look by hanging simple banners at your window, combining different designs together such as fabulous prints, great stripes, lustrous silks, taffetas or floating, gauzy linens – the possibilities are endless.

Keeping your colour palette tight, perhaps to a maximum of three key colours will make it easier to combine different patterns, here are our top tips for beautifully layered curtain and windows with personality!

Take one fabulous decorative print and pair it with something contrasting – for example, a large and exuberant floral teamed with a stripe. The simplicity of the stripe adds a tailored note to the flowers, reining in the prettiness and adding a dynamic edge.




Use one of our beautiful shaded ombre fabrics with a more edgy geometric. The Ombre is almost plain but as it fades to white, it has a softening quality and  balances the more demanding geometric.






Use texture to move your home seasonally by swapping a floaty gauzy linen sheer in the summer months for a felted wool or a heavier velvet in the same colour palette. The texture makes a subtle change and keeps your interior fresh.

Who ever said that a pair of curtains had to match anyway?