Cracking Christmas Interiors To Spread The Festive Cheer This Year

So I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to Christmas, I absolutely love this time of year the lights and decorations, the excitement of Santa’s impending visit and everyone just seems so much happier with a bit of festive cheer. This weekend the Christmas tree went up and after wrestling in the storage cupboard I finally manage to locate the Christmas decorations (albeit looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards) and embarked on operation ‘Grant Christmas Overhaul’.

I personally like the Christmas decorations to be classy and tasteful that add a touch of sparkle and elegance in my home that fill me with joy and that warm fuzzy feeling….. however my two little ones prefer the tacky full on Christmas tat look that resembles Santa’s grotto so in order to appease them I have to compromise very slightly on my vision of a sophisticated Winter wonderland theme and incorporate a couple of dancing snowmen, cuddly reindeer’s and the obligatory ‘Santa Please Stop Here’ sign…… it works just about.

Whatever your taste there are so many different ideas and options to get your home dressed to impress this Christmas and if you haven’t done so yet many of the shops have started discounting decorations so you can save some pennies and spend elsewhere.


The hallway is the first room in your house that you and your guests will lay eyes on when entering your home so it’s important that you make your hall warm and inviting. Twinkling lights and Christmas go hand-in-hand, so try to add a bit of sparkling illumination to your hall. Create a warm and opulent atmosphere with scented orange and cinnamon candles set alight inside burnished and bronzed lanterns.


Wreaths, garlands and mini trees are a wonderful wintery welcome in a hallway and a great way to nail the Christmas contemporary look. Choose decorations in icy shades of grey and steel, with a hint of Scandi style. Arrange frosted sprigs all along a console table, keep the look fresh and green, and spruce up decorations made from natural materials.


Work with a winter palette of icy whites, forest greens and woodland browns, add cosy Nordic accents and a sprinkling of Narnia for a bewitching festive scene to greet your guests come Christmas Day.


If space is tight have you thought about turning furniture in a feature by adding lights to a existing piece in your room. This ordinary shelving unit has been transformed into an alternative looking Christmas tree with riotous reds, smoky greens and a punch of neon, position presents around the base to complete the look.


Lace a stair garland with touches of gold sprigs which compliment the metal leaf chandelier to make a bold and beautiful entrance. Mix things up by hanging your stair garland at the bottom of the spindles rather than along the handrail – and if you regularly mist the foliage with water it will keep it vibrant and fresh throughout the festivities.


The joy of Christmas is as much about the anticipation as the celebration itself, this pocket bunting advert calendar is adorable and you can add your own personalised treats. Add a modern twist with charcoal paint and gather the season’s deep winter palette of pine green, holly red and winter white to set the scene this Christmas.


Once the Christmas dinner has gone down, you’ve cracked open the tub of Celebrations and admitted defeat by changing into the trousers with an expandable waistline, you will want to layer up in the cosiness with blankets and cushions. Keeping additional throws close to hand in baskets or blanket boxes will allow your guests to snuggle up on sofa and relax, plus they double up as a handy storage place to hide the empty chocolate wrappers.


Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family and it’s the attention to detail which add that extra magic to a child. If you have children or have children staying, add a little Christmas sparkle to their room. You don’t need to go crazy just a handful of accessories can make a huge difference to little ones. Using the window sill as a display space for Christmas toys and lights creates a joyful feel without clutter.

Whatever your plans this Christmas make your home as warm and welcoming as possible. You don’t need to spend a lot and a little really does go a long way to creating a cheerful and festive atmosphere around your home. Don’t be afraid to steer away from traditional decorations and try something new, your home should be a reflection of you all year round and especially at Christmas when you’re more likely to showcase it the most. I personally can’t wait for Christmas, with the presents wrapped and the wine fridge full I’m ready to officially kick off the Christmas count down. Wishing you all have a truly wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.

You have been fantastic 2015 let’s make 2016 even better and here’s to many more interior ramblings!